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About Our Founder, James E. Lambright

Work with a skilled security consultant that is dedicated to providing an exceptional final product. The founder of Jawal Security Solutions, LLC, James E. Lambright, is a man that is well versed in every aspect of the industry. He knows how the equipment operates and has hands-on experience in building exceptional security packages for clients.

Mr. Lambright's Education & Early Career

Mr. Lambright began working in the industry by attending and graduating from DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, he began working as a bench technician, repairing home and commercial burglar alarm systems. During this time, he learned how to troubleshoot down to the component level. He stayed in this job for more than 2 years.

Exploring Other Fields

Mr. Lambright's next move was to join R.J. Radionics, a high-end manufacturer of calculators. These products were made of gold and platinum. Gold doesn't work well as a cover for a commodity product, so they went out of business. Shortly after this, Mr. Lambright went into the retail world and was part owner of a Liquor Store. At the time, he was 22-years old.

Mr. Lambright

Returning To What He Loved

After 3 years, he decided to get back into the electronics industry. Mr. Lambright started with Diebold as a field service technician, covering the Wall Street area of Manhattan. He found this work to be mundane and eventually asked to be transferred to installations. After a short time in the installation department, he was promoted to supervisor with project management duties. Mr. Lambright earned this promotion due to his great success in overseeing local and regional areas, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Eventually, his success got the attention of the national and international project management teams. Mr. Lambright was asked to manage the First Union National Bank nationwide ATM and alarm conversion process. This consisted of 1,200 branch banks with an average of two ATMs per location.

Once this project was completed, Mr. Lambright was offered and accepted the full-time role of Project Manager and Consultant for the eastern and southern regions of the US. This role enhanced his project consulting skills with solution selling. His main approach was to listen to the customer's needs and find the right solutions to their specific issues. He worked closely with the Sales Department and the customer to find the right solution.

Joining CBORD

As his career progressed, he continued to refine his approach to solutions selling. CBORD's purchase of Card Systems was the perfect opportunity for this. As a CBORD project manager, his role and expertise expanded with national and international opportunities. He worked on numerous projects all over the U.S. and consulted on projects in Kenya, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

Being Part of ISSG

Later, Mr. Lambright accepted a new role in an organization within CBORD, Information Systems Services Group (ISSG). This organization's primary role was to work closely with sales and the customer to put together an accurate equipment list for quoting. Mr. Lambright was tasked with onsite review and consulting. This eventually expanded to include travel outside of the US. During this time, he managed projects in Singapore and Jakarta.

While working with ISSG, Mr. Lambright was part of a skilled group, comprised of project managers and project engineers. When the group continued to grow, he was asked to move into a management role, which he accepted.

He quickly implemented a few changes. He designed a uniform package to deliver to sales, a preliminary statement of work, the security equipment list, the equipment cut sheets, and drawings. The drawings could include riser diagrams with point-to-point terminations. His team delivered this proposal package–which was based on a site survey that included a single building or an entire campus–for each and every potential project. His group was responsible for pricing and base configuration for all electronic security projects.

Electronic Security Projects

  • CCTVs
  • Access Control
  • ID Management
  • Emergency Phones
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Audio
  • Video Walls
  • Security Consoles
  • All Supporting Equipment & Software

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