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Security Systems

Building Commercial Security Systems

When it comes to security, utilizing a customized system is the most effective way to go. At Jawal Security Solutions, LLC, we work with a variety of companies to ensure that their security needs are being met, but no matter what industry we are serving, we always create a system that best serves our customers.

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Optimizing Your Security System

Our objective is to offer the most capable commercial security system possible within a project's budgetary guidelines. We consult with your team on every aspect, from system design and procurement to system installation, testing, and training. We assist you by helping to identify security objectives, offering system design and technology options, developing system specifications, and if needed, fulfilling requests for proposals.

We offer consulting services on virtually every aspect of electronic security. We can even assist with the evaluation of potential vendors. This can include interfacing with installing vendors, project management, system integration, and ongoing support.

Creating Enhanced Systems

When you turn to our company for security solutions, you get a new system that covers every aspect of your security needs. To get the ball rolling on the project, we propose specific equipment and hardware for every location. Our professionals will also prepare equipment lists for each location. We will create building drawings with the equipment in place to give you a better idea of how the new measures will work. These include point-to-point device drawings and riser drawings.

Our Standard Procedure

To ensure that you get a system that works with your budget and your company, we use a proven process. First, we identify and discuss solutions for each department, including the owner and stakeholders. These solutions will always keep the owner's overall goal in mind. Then, we do a site survey and create a preliminary Statement Of Work (SOW) that includes roles and responsibilities.

Once our plan is in place, we will propose vendors and possible contractors. We will even create payment schedules for the contractors' fees and the cost of equipment.

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